Hurricane Irene – Weather Advisory

Dear GreenTree Hosting Customers,

A National Weather Advisory is currently in effect for the entire Eastern Seaboard, and a Hurricane Alert is in effect for the State of CT, where GreenTree Hosting’s main offices are located. It is estimated that the hurricane will reach land as a Category 2 hurricane, and weaken to a Tropical Storm as it heads north towards New England.

GreenTree Hosting houses our servers in two Data Centers on the East Coast and our data center partners are actively making preparations to ensure that data center uptime is maintained to the best of their abilities. We have full confidence in our data centers, their on-site and remote staffing and their abilities to weather this storm.

Each of our data center locations is fully equipped to handle any short or long term losses of power with redundant on-site generators, as well as 24 hour re-fueling contracts. Both of our data center locations will have additional on-site personnel before, during and after the storm to deal with any issues that may occur, as well as onsite emergency supplies, should they be needed.

The GreenTree Hosting team has been, and will continue to monitor the status of the storm and will be in communication with our data center partners, if needed, throughout this storm. Our CT administration office is prepared to deal with any power outages that may occur and is equipped with an emergency generator and wireless internet, should it be necessary

While we do not anticipate any downtime in our Data Centers from this hurricane, you can monitor, follow and contact us using these alternative methods if necessary


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Gene Salvatore
CEO, GreenTree Hosting, LLC. 
t: 203-401-8822
f: 203-401-8822