GreenTree Backup:  For personal and business users, GreenTree Backup is available in two versions, PC Edition and Server Edition. Using any internet or network connection, you can Safely, Securely and Automatically backup your PC, Laptop or server in real-time to our Secure, Enterprise and Redundant Hardware.

PC Edition

Available for Windows, Linux, MAC and Solaris computers and laptops, GreenTree Backup – PC Edition is the first and only backup solution that combines an extremely people-friendly client with a sophisticated enterprise server to continuously protect your personal and business data.

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Server Edition

Available for web, video, email, database,and application servers, GreenTree Backup – Server Edition is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Do you have more questions about our GreenTree Backup Products? Just contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs. You can also download a pdf datasheet or brochure here.