PC Edition Backup

GreenTree Backup – PC Edition:  Available for Windows, Linux, MAC and Solaris platforms, is the first and only backup solution that combines an extremely people-friendly client with a sophisticated enterprise server to continuously protect your personal nd business data.

Using any internet connection, you can Safely, Securely and Automatically backup your PC or Laptop in real-time to our Secure, Enterprise and  Redundant Hardware.

What is GreenTree Backup – PC Edition? A people friendly, Enterprise Tough backup solution for your personal and business data.

How does it work?

GreenTree Backup is a is cross-platform, software application that runs on your computer, or laptop.

Once installed and enabled, your computer will encrypt and securely transmit your files to our Secure, Enterprise Equipped, Redundant Hardware.

A more detailed overview of our PC Edition Backup Product can be found here.

Why do I need Online Backup? If you have ever experienced a data loss, computer crash, accidentally deleted a file, lost your laptop or experienced any problem with your digital data, you know how difficult it can be to replace or restore one file, if not an entire computer. With a GreenTree Backup subscription, those days are over.

Once installed, our software automatically monitors changed files and uploads them securely [on a schedule that you can customize] to our redundant backup servers. When you need to restore a file or even an entire computer, it’s as easy as opening the application and selecting the file. You can also restore files online from any internet enabled web browser.

With the commonplace of today’s large hard drives [up to 1TB and more] and the digitalization of so many aspects of our personal and professional lives  [photos, videos, documents, MS Money, Quickbooks], the backup of data is crucial. Even more important than a backup strategy, the backup solution has to be easy and automated in order to be truly effective.

Is your data safe? In a nutshell, YES! Your data is encrypted before it leaves your hardware, during its transfer to our servers and throughout its lifetime on our servers.

Why should you choose GreenTree Backup? Experience, Trust and Excellence … Since 1996 we’ve been securely providing hosted products and applications to global consumers, small businesses and Fortune rated companies. Whether we’re hosting an email or web application, website or any data, a secure, redundant and scalable backup strategy has always been a core component of our systems.

We also own, manage and maintain all of our equipment from the servers and redundant storage arrays, to the firewalls, ids systems and many software platforms. You can find out more detailed information about us here.

Sounds Great!, how much is it? GreenTree Backup is $29.95 per month and includes 30GB of secure, redundant storage. Additional Storage space is available starting at $ 2.00 per GB per month.

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Have more questions? We’re here to answer them … feel free to contact us with any questions about our GreenTree Backup products here. You can also download a pdf datasheet or brochure here.

Download the latest installer: Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit