Server Edition Backup

GreenTree Backup – Server Edition: Available for all VMWare, Managed and Dedicated Server packages, Server Edition Licenses are available in three pricing levels.

Our Essential Backup Product is included with every VMWare Server, Managed Server and Dedicated Server. You can easily enhance your backup and recovery protection by upgrading to our Enhanced or Enterprise Backup Products.

Product Features Essential Enhanced Enterprise
Daily Backups
Web Access
On Demand Backups
Monthly Scheduling
Weekly Scheduling
Daily Scheduling
Hourly Scheduling
Minutely / Continuous Scheduling
Create, Store & Download Archives
Included Backup Storage Space 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB
Backup Client Licenses Included 1 1 1
Monthly Recurring Charge $ 0.00 $ 59.00 $ 99.00
One Time Setup Charge $ 0.00 $ 59.00 $ 99.00
MySQL Database Connector – Linux Only n/a $ 20/mo. $ 20/mo.

GreenTree Backup – Server Edition Products are available for the following solutions:

  • GreenTree Hosting VMWare Virtual Server
  • GreenTree Hosting Managed Server (Appies, Linux, Windows)
  • GreenTree Hosting Unmanaged Server (Linux, Windows)

Additional Storage space is available at a cost of $ 2.00 per GB per month.

*Backup restores on the Essential Backup Plan can only be performed by a GreenTree Hosting Technician. Enhanced and Enterprise backup restores can be performed by the server owner/admin through any internet connected web browser.