SmarterMail Email Setup Instructions

Please Note: These instructions show how to setup your email with Outlook 2010. While each email program, and version has a slightly different setup routine, the overall settings here will apply to most email programs.


– In Outlook open the new email account setup window and click on New


– Click on E-Mail Account

– Click on Next


– Fill out your basic email information.
*Your email address field must include the @domain


– Click on Manually configure server settings or additional server types

– Click Next


–  Click Internet E-mail

–  Click Next


– Enter your Name and E-Mail address if not pre-filled.

– Choose POP or IMAP from the dropdown. *Our servers support both methods.

– Choose New Outlook Data File and Remember Password


– Enter the incoming and outgoing mail servers.
*Typically this is mail.your_domain If you are unsure of the settings for your domain, contact your mail administrator or GreenTree Hosting Technical Support
** Some ISP’s require that you use their SMTP server names or addresses for Outgoing Mail server

– Enter your username.
*Your username is your full email address, including the @domain.

– Enter your password
Click on More Settings


– On the General Tab you can enter a friendly name for this email account

– Click on the Outgoing Server tab


– Check the box that says “My server requires authentication”.
*The default setting of “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server” should be ok for most users.

– Click OK


– You can Test Account Settings or just click on Next


– Your email setup for Outlook is complete!