Corporate Profile

GreenTree Hosting, LLC. is the parent company for all our operations, GreenTree Hosting is a  Connecticut Limited Liability Corporation. Operating originally under the name of Online Imaging from 1996-2006, the company was rebranded and renamed to GreenTree Hosting, LLC in 2007.

Including regional and vertical market focused web hosting brands, Business to Business and Business to Consumer InitiativesOrganic Farming Projects and numerous strategic business partnerships, GreenTree Hosting is much more than just a web hosting company.

Through our Web HostingDomain and Software Divisions, GreenTree Hosting provides an extensive array of email, domain, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, security and software products to consumers and businesses.

Our organic farming projects build upon our Green efforts to make the planet a better place with additional Green Initiatives also being discovered, explored and implemented through our GreenTree Power & Energy Group.Green … it’s not just part of our name, it’s part of our Philosophy.

Privately held and funded, GreenTree Hosting, LLC. is debt-free and has a financially strong balance sheet.

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