Partner Programs

Our partner program is for people who want to be part of a community that wants more out of life than to just “make ends meet”. The program is a true work-at-home opportunity which allows one to spend more time with family and less time on the road or at the office.

Our partners can market our shared hosting, dedicated hosting and services. It is a program which builds one’s residual income thus creating long-term financial security. The partner program is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor is it a free ride by any means. It is work, but work one can really enjoy.


The partner program pays commissions on shared and dedicated web hosting. Once a month partner commissions are electronically credited to the partner’s PayPal account. Hosting commissions are monthly residual meaning you make the sale just once and you get paid for it for as long as 

     1) the customer remains with us and 
     2) you maintain the program required mininum number of referred accounts.

Products and Services We Offer

Product / Service Commission

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most economical solution to most web hosting needs. In a shared environment, many users are on a single server, sharing resources and keeping costs low, yet still maintaining security and the fast and reliable connection needed for any organization. Our e-mail, shared hosting and e-commerce solutions start at only $14.95 per month. 
10% – 30% monthly residualfrom $1.49 per month

Virtual Servers

For websites requiring more power and/or flexibility than what shared hosting can provide, starting at only $99 per month. 
5% – 20% monthly residualfrom $9.90 per month and up

Dedicated Servers

For websites requiring more power and/or flexibility than what shared hosting can provide, a dedicated server is the solution. We offer both unmanaged and managed dedicated hosting starting at only $249 per month. 
5% – 10% monthly residual from $12.45 per month and up

Referral Bonus / Your Own Sales Team

The partner program offers an excellent opportunity for partners who sell through a sales team or a group. The program rewards the partner with a 25% override on all their salespeople’s base commissions. Partners are compensated only for salespeople they refer and/or manage — not for creating a downline.

Partner Program Terms and Conditions

  • To prevent end users from getting commission on their own servers, our minimum server sales rules are in effect. – You must have two shared server orders in order to get commission on shared accounts. – You must have two Virtual Server sales, or one Virtual Server Sale and  five shared server salesor one Virtual Server sale and  two Dedicated Server sale before you can receive a commission on a virtual server.- You must have three Dedicated Server sales orone Virtual Server sale and  two Dedicated Server sale or two Dedicated Server sales and six shared hosting sales before you can receive commission on a dedicated server. 
  • Commissions are NOT paid on accounts that are cancelled, suspended, terminated or more than 15 days past due. If payments are caught up after the commission period, the commission payment is skipped. 
  • The affiliate is expected to find prospects, work with them in answering their questions, and close the sale. The sales support team can assist with the close, but should not be abused.
  • As a manager, if any of your affiliates become inactive, your manager commissions for those affiliates cease as well, until such time as the affiliate account is made active again. 
  • To participate in this program, you must be able to accept payment through PayPal. 
  • In order or receive overrides from your sales team, you must achieve and maintain at least two active hosting accounts under your ID.
  • You agree NOT to solicit ANY services through bulk unsolicited e-mail (spamming). 
  • You agree not to use other affiliates’ e-mail addresses to promote any other services. Name and e-mail harvesting is also strictly prohibited.
  • Residual monthly payments cannot be transferred or sold. 
  • As an affiliate, you are an independent contractor and not an employee of GreenTree Hosting, LLC. You are responsible for declaring your own income. You will be furnished with a 1099 at the end of the year.
  • You agree not to mislead potential customers in any way. If the answer to a question that has been asked is not known, you can ask Sales Support. 
  • GreenTree Hosting, LLC. reserves the right to change the commission structure and or policies at anytime without notice. All changes are sent via e-mail.