Appies WebHost Manager

Since 1996, we have been working on one major goal. To create the most powerful web hosting solution available by bringing together the best open source and licensed software in a friendly, easy to use package … making it simple enough for everyone to operate, from anywhere, at any time.

Our solution? The Appies Website and WebHost Manager Software. Pre-Loaded, updated and maintained by our in house programmers, our Appies software is the easiest and most comprehensive website control panel available in the market today.

Our secret? A combination of technology, automation, and our “ground up” experience in the web hosting industry combined with personal one-on-one support from web hosting professionals.

Designed for Dedicated Server Owners, Website Developers, Web Hosting Companies or any organization maintaining a large user base of website and applications, the Appies WebHost Manager was designed just for you!

What is the Appies WebHost Manager? Our Appieshost WebHost Manager takes the Website Manager Software to the next level. Designed with hosting companies in mind, our WebHost Manager Software is the ideal solution for any web hosting company. Whether you are looking to improve your hosting offering to your existing customers, or expand into the hosting market, the Appies WebHost Manager Software is the perfect solution.

What is included? The WebHost Manager software is a complete automated system designed to streamline your hosting business. In addition to all the features of the Appies WebSite Manager Software, the Appies WebHost Manager software enables you to:

  • Customize an unlimited number of hosting packages
  • Add/Edit/Suspend/Cancel customers with a single click
  • Automates the complete setup of new users with apache, mysql, sendmail and dns.
  • Manage all the DNS records on your server
  • IP Access control for ssh access to your server
  • Integrates with the Linux IPTables Firewall for security
  • Manage all the POP3 accounts on your server
  • Integrates with Sendmail for whitelisting, relaying or blocking of IP Addresses
  • Allows for name based or ip based hosting on a per user basis
  • Integrated system check feature enables you to view the status of all your service daemons through a single web based interface.
  • Web based restart, reload or stopping of Apache, Cron, FTP, MySql, Named, Sendmail, SSH, Real Server and Dovecot
  • Integrated System Process check with the ability to kill any process through the web based control panel.
  • Web Based Email Message Manager to easily email one, some or all of your customers
  • and much more !

How do I get it? The Appies WebHost Manager Software is available on any of our Linux VMWare Virtual Servers or Dedicated Hosting servers and is a complete “Host In A Box” Solution. Designed by web hosting professionals for web hosting professionals … Appies is your complete Hosting Solution.

For full details on the Appies WebHost Manager Software, Pricing and online demos, please contact our sales department.