Remote Desktop Support


Our GreenTree Hosting Technicians can assist you with many technical support issues over a remote desktop connection using DualDesk Software. A remote desktop connection enables our technicians to login to your computer over the internet. To enable this connection, simply download this file and run the installer program.

Once the file downloads just click the run or install button and once complete, your computer will “dial in” to our remote management server. This software requires a connection to be initiated from your computer. Once the support session is over, you can close the program and our technician will be permanently disconnected.

About Security:
The DualDesk session must be initiated by the customer, DualDesk does not accept inbound connections so no one can can access or initiate access to the customer’s computer remotely. DualDesk uses industry standard end-to-end RC4 encryption to ensure data security, plus the data stream of DualDesk is compressed. To decode the data, a hacker would need to obtain the encryption key, have knowledge of when the session was happening, have access to the stream of data and then know how to decode the compressed stream before they would finally be able to see the session. This would be very difficult.


Click here to download the installer file